Best Bluetooth Earbuds, Headphones Reviews

Best Bluetooth Earbuds, Headphones Reviews

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With the incorporation of various gadgetry and seemingly infinite applications with most music players, manufacturers seem to sometimes lose sight of the purpose of these devices in the first place listening to music. Photos, games, and day planners are cool, but with the increase of bluetooth earbuds and headsets on the market, manufacturers once again focusing on adding convenience to the experience of listening to music. With the increase in demand and quality, many of the highest rated bluetooth earbuds on the market can be had at minimal cost compared to the level of convenience they provide.

From a technical standpoint, earbuds have come a long way in terms of acoustic performance and noise cancelling ability – aspects in the past that were only deliverable by bulkier traditional headphones. Earbuds can now offer comparably deep base along with precise highs and mids all in a smaller package that offers similar noise cancelling without the clunkiness of traditional headset earphones. Bluetooth earbuds go even further by eliminating the necessity of physically being attached to your music player or cell phone device.

So if for instance you want to move about the office while listening to music and you don’t want to disturb your co-workers, instead of physically having your music player attached to your clothing or similar carrying apparatus, you can leave your mp3 player sitting on your desk or even locked in a drawer while moving about your office with ease. If you enjoy working out but don’t want an mp3 case strapped to your arm or waist, you can leave your player in a nearby gym bag and avoid possibly damaging the music player itself, and you also won’t have to struggle with easily tangling headset chords.

Since many people now use a single device for cell phone, music player, mobile video, and increasing internet access point, a very important feature that many of the highest rated bluetooth earbuds have in common is the ability to switch between media and incoming phone calls. So when you have an incoming call, you can either to accept or reject the call with the push of a button, and the media you were enjoying will conveniently pause so you don’t have to find where you left off.

So again, some of the benefits of bluetooth earbuds you will experience include:

  1. Less wear and tear on your music/video/cell phone device.
  2. Less or no chords to deal with.
  3. Incoming caller features.
  4. Similar and often superior sound quality to wired earbuds.
  5. Battery life ranging from 5 to 7 hours of continuous playback.

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Bluetooth Earbuds

10. They’re Stylish

Nothing puts a cramp in your stylishness more than wires dangling down your shirt from traditional ear buds. Wearing wireless earbuds is like wearing a headband or necklace.

9. They are Impressive to Others

Currently there aren’t many people that use Bluetooth earbuds? You are likely to be the first amongst your friends to own them. Its awesome being the first one in your group with a new tech toy. Your friends will be so impressed with your new wire-free existence. No doubt they will ask about what they are and how they work.

8. They are Wonderful Stocking Stuffers

A great treat for anyone, Bluetooth Earbuds are compact enough to fit in a stocking for the Holidays!

7. They’re Affordable

The latest in personal wireless music enjoyment doesn’t have to break your budget. As the technology expands it naturally becomes cheaper to use and produce. The more time that passes, the more cost effective these headsets and earbuds will become. Even now, there are many terrific bargains on quality headsets on a budget. Keep an eye out for our best pick for the most affordable Bluetooth earbuds.

6. Available Everywhere

In the past it was often difficult to locate Bluetooth earbuds. They were often a boutique item only available at high-end retailers. That has changed as wireless Bluetooth earbuds have become less expensive. They can now be found at some basic electronics stores or online on Amazon.

5. They Sound Great

Wireless technology has come a long way in terms of how fast it can transfer a great deal of data. Quicker data transfer means better quality audio. Now while it is true that you will get better sound quality from traditional buds, the average person will not be able to notice much difference. Add to this that it is likely that you’ll use the earbuds while doing some sort of activity where excellent audio quality is not required. As always, you can be the only final judge, so go to a local retailer and try some…you will be surprised how good they sound!

4. They Don’t Get Tangled

If you are an avid headphones user, just think of how many times you’ve been annoyed with the cord getting tangled in whatever you happen to be doing at the time. Not to mention when you take your buds out of your storage bag then you take several minutes working to untangle the knots. With wireless earbuds you do not have to deal with these issues!

3. Compatibility

Now a days you’d be hard pressed to find a electronic device that does not have build in Bluetooth support. From the iPad to every smartphone available, accessing wireless is simpler than ever. Every modern gaming systems support use of Bluetooth earbuds as well so that you can play games and watch your favorite movies in privacy.

2. They Make Working Out a Breeze

A major benefit of wire free listening, in my opinion, is that you can workout like crazy without having to worry about tangles. Cords dangling are a major hazard in the gym, particularly around weight machines and cardio equipment. You will be better able to focus on getting in shape when you can work out knowing that you are safe from these hazards.

1. Right place

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