Best headphones for working out

Best headphones for working out
Best wireless headphones for working out, best bluetooth headphones for working out, best in ear and over ear headphones for working out…

We all want to give ourselves a small amount of distraction while working out and I find that doing my exercising in the gym while listening to music is one of the best ways to make the time go just a small amount faster. I especially like the fact that listening to fast music actually helps me pace myself a bit faster in my workouts!

After going to the gym for awhile, I realized that just any old set of headphones may not be the best for working out.

What makes them good for working out?

  • Wont cause ear sweat yes, there actually is ear sweat (gross!) and who wants that! Even headphones need to breath!
  • Can handle moisture back to the ear sweat!
  • Sounds good this is a no brainer. You definitely don’t want to subject yourself to bad sound for your music.
  • Affordable the key here is to get the most bang for your buck. Headphones came in a variety of different price levels.
  • Easily adjustable with all the bouncing around that you will be doing while getting that workout in, you certainly do not want to be fighting with headphones that will always be falling off.
  • Noise canceling there is a lot of noise in a gym with all the people there and other things happening in the background. You definitely want to block all that out so all you get is what is coming from your headset.

Here are some of my favorites:

Lets start with the super high quality ones yes, they are a lot more expensive but if you are really serious about listing to your favorite music while working out, check these out!

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