Best skullcandy earbuds

Best skullcandy earbuds

Best skullcandy earbuds, headphones

Portable audio players have now become as common an item to have while on the go as a cell phone. Sure, the size of players have decreased while storage size has increased but the sound has to do with decoder chips, processor chips, amplifiers, and speakers (earphones, headphones, etc…) rather than physical design. MP3 audio enthusiasts spend time doing research and comparison shopping to get the best player but then they overlook the last thing on the for mentioned list, headphones.

The stock phones that came with your player are crap, plain and simple, and there is a good reason that is to the buyers benefit. If quality earpieces came stock with your player, then you would have to pay a higher price for the initial package. To keep the cost down for the consumer to get into the MP3 audio world, players come with earbuds that are of low quality. After you get your player, you then want to invest in a set of higher quality headphones or earbuds for your listening pleasure.

If you are using or planning to use your MP3 player while commuting on public transportation, out walking, or shopping, then I recommend earbuds rather than headphones. Earbuds sit in the ear canals and can be comfortably worn with a hat or cap on and fold up small for storage.

Since around 2006, earbuds with an inner-ear seal gasket have risen to become the preferred style of earbuds for listening to music on the go. The inner-ear seals are generally a composite of a soft synthetic material and plastic that acts as a seal between the speaker and the rim of the ear canal. The seal prevents the leakage of sound giving you the fullest audio wave experience so you hear all the subtle nuances that the artist and producer want you to hear.

Earbuds may not provide the larger soundscape that over-the-head-cans but that is not what you are looking for when listening to your audio on the go. You want to hear music but still remain cognizant of your environment which earbuds allow you to do. Cans are for laying back and focusing on the music without any outside stimulus while earbuds allow you to hear your music while still interacting with your environment. Maybe my experiences with various brands earbuds can help you make a selection that will allow you to fully enjoy your portable audio experience.

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