Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds

If you’re looking for a very cool looking set of earbuds that wont disappoint when it comes to sound quality, then the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds are a great set to satisfy your desire for stylish craftsmanship and exceptional sound quality. For these earbuds, Full Metal Jacket means just that. They’re constructed of polished chrome metal exterior with sturdy braided aluminum rather than the typical rubber coatings found on most earbud cables. The 3.5 mm stereo plug is also constructed of gold plating, allowing for a crisp signal and longer-life span than standard stereo plugs. Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds are among the highest rated earbuds for under $50.

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds (actual model name SC-FMJ) come in a variety of colors – black, silver, gold, green, pink, purple. Inconspicuous they are not! The overall metallic look of the earbuds along with the metal mesh style cable really catch the eye, so the Full Metal Jackets are a cool addition to anyone looking to accessorize their wardrobe while still listening to their favorite music.

Powerful bass, clean mids, and crisp highs, the FMJs are great throughout the entire spectrum, and they produce great sound isolation ability for their price. In fact the noise isolation is so great that you really need to stay aware of your surroundings while using Skullcandy Full Metal Jackets. For this type of sound, craftsmanship, and sleek look, you would probably expect to pay well above $50.

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds come with three silicon gel earpieces (small, medium, large) that provide fairly descent sound isolation and excellent comfort. The foam Comply tips that fit over the standard earpieces are what really kick the sound isolation and comfort into high gear. FMJs also come with a pull string, nylon mesh carry bag to protect your earbuds while not in use. The 1.2 meter length cable just adds to the convenience and comfort of using these earbuds with your favorite media device.

Here are some specifications for the Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds:

Frequency response: 16 to 20 Hz
Max rated output: 500 mW
Cable length: 1.1 m to 1.2 m
Connector: 3.5 mm gold plated miniplug

You’ll never have to worry if they break, because all Skullcandy products comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects your earbuds from manufacture defects. And even if you do somehow break your earbuds due to some fault of your own, Skullcandy offers a coupon for fifty percent off your next purchase of a Skullcandy product. All you have to do is register your Full Metal Jacket earbuds on Skullcandys website at the time of your purchase. Bottom line, FMJs are among the best, highest rated earbuds for under $50.

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